Egg Substitute with Bacon Omelet with Hash Browns

Egg Substitute with Bacon OmeletHash Browns

Estimated Calories Estimated Fat Estimated Carbs
251 8 19

Instructions and Ingredients for Egg Substitute with Bacon Omelet:
Spray frying pan with cooking spray and pour in two servings of egg substitute. About half way through, add in two servings of bacon bits and top with a little shredded cheese at the end. A quick and tasty omelet!
(0.25 cup) (59 ml) Egg Beaters Fat Free Original (x 2)
One Serving Pam Cooking Spray (x 2)
One Serving Oscar Mayer Real Bacon Bits (x 2)
(.33 cup) (78 ml) Cheese, Shredded, Kraft Old Cheddar (x 0.5)

Instructions and Ingredients for Hash Browns:
Heat pan and spray with non stick cooking spray. Put hashbrowns in pan. Cook until bottom turns golden brown. Flip hasbrowns and cook the other side until it is also golden brown. Top with salt and pepper to taste.
.5 CUP Simply Potatoes Hash Browns Shredded (x 1)
1 tsp Salt (Table Salt) (x 1)
1 tsp (2.1g) Pepper, Black (x 1)
One Serving Pam Cooking Spray (x 1)

We consider a low calorie meal to be a meal or recipe that is under 600 calories. To be considered low fat, it must have less than 30% of its calories coming from fat. Same with low carb, it must have less than 30% of its calories coming from carbs. We consider a breakfast of egg substitute with bacon omelet with hash browns to be low calorie and low fat.